On October 11, 2011, my father walked into his barn to get some tools to fix Neta’s sink. He did not walk back out.

Tsundoku’s Little Cousin

Did you know there is a term for leaving a book unread after buying it? Oh, does that describe you too?! Tell me what books are in your Tsundoku pile!

Dear August,

August 31 is the 13th Anniversary of my mother’s death. I reflect here: “But each time someone I love dies, the grief becomes new again. The impact of it is compounded and expanded. It’s as if I’m grieving all of their deaths at once.”

Not Just for Black People

Visiting the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture is a requirement for every American. No, no, no, not just for Black Americans, for all Americans.

Who Dey People Is?

Who dey people is? Growing up, it was the first question my mom would ask if I was interested in “going with” a boy. She wanted to be sure he wasn’t some distant cousin I had never met. I had to find out his last name and his parents’ names and his grandparents’ names. All…