Helping Students Find Their Purpose

I went on a journey with my students last school year. Some of the steps we took involved inquiry, reflection, writing, and collaboration. But more importantly, it helped students discover their passion, their purpose. I learned about them as full human beings. I learned from them. They taught me as I was teaching them. UsingContinue reading “Helping Students Find Their Purpose”

A Brief Voting History

When Election Day came, my daddy and I crawled up into his truck, the 1980 lime green and white Sierra or the dark blue King Cab Ford Ranger—always American cars because he was an American man although America didn’t always want him. The Masonic Lodge downtown was the polling place then. Mr. Pete Jacobs, ourContinue reading “A Brief Voting History”

Surviving the Storm

I was at my Aunt Lola’s house—a second home for me. My mother picked me up around dusk to take me back to our house. I was only six years old when Hurricane Hugo barreled into Charleston on September 22, 1989; it was a strong Category 5 storm. Johnsonville is only 88 miles from CharlestonContinue reading “Surviving the Storm”